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Mom hasn't been acting right since Tuesday, when her blood sugar slipped dangerously low and caused another seizure. It was so bad that I ended up calling 911 but Mom refused to go to the hospital. I'm worried she's suffered more brain damage. She's suffered enough and sometimes I don't recognize her anymore.

I had an MRI today and I have an EEG tomorrow I'm not looking forward to. The last EEG I had was like torture. I was sick as a dog for the rest of the day from the seizures I had during it. I know tomorrow is not going to be pleasant but it has to be done. The neurologist said my last one was too abnormal but wouldn't really put in to terms how. I'm going to try and get some better answers at my next appt. when we go over the results of my MRI and EEG.

I got a few pages written for the next part of Rebirth while I was at the neurologist's office for my first appt. with him on Tuesday. I haven't had a chance to write any more since then since life's been crazy. It's actually my third attempt at the next chapter so hopefully there'll be no more rewrites.

I had a nifty idea for a Harry Potter fanfic tonight set during GOF that's kind of caught my attention. I need to mull it over for a bit and work out some more details. Maybe I'll write it or just put it on file to be considered in the future. We'll see.

I don't know why I find writing so difficult lately. And by lately I mean the last few years. Sometimes it feels like I'm damaged and the writing ability has just gone, and then I'll have a good day and manage to eke out a few pages of something. When I look at the little bit I've managed to write now and compare it to what I used to write it looks different; worse. I think I used to be a better writer and it feels like an uphill battle getting back to that. I have no problem with inspiration. I still get ideas all the time, it's just that sometimes the actual writing feels too much like work than the passion it used to be.
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