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I've closed the polls and Vampire!Buffy and Anita Blake won. I might write some of the other scenarios later so if you voted for something else you still might see something like that from me. I'm working out the kinks and putting together a plot, but until then here's a preview that explains how Buffy ended up a vamp in the Anita-verse.

Spike was drunk.

Very drunk.

He’d damn well better be because Spike had spent the night buying bottle after bottle of alcohol, ensuring just this possibility. He hadn’t been picky about what he drank either. Spike had made it his mission to try everything the bartender had to offer and much to the bartender’s amazement if things continued as they were, he knew the owner of the Bronze would be re-supplying their inventory a lot sooner than they usually did.

It couldn't shut out the hurt though, no matter how much he drank. He couldn't forget those final damning words when she had ended their relationship even going so far as to call him William. Like she knew how much of him was invested in his love for her. He had given so much of himself to her, resurrecting parts of his self that he had sworn once long ago would never see the light of day again.

Painful thoughts swirled around him like a kaleidoscope, memories of better days between them, moments when it seemed like she was letting him in, past all her barriers that kept him away, the walls that said she could never love him. It could never work between them, she had told him repeatedly. He was fool enough in love to believe that it could, that he was perfect for her, because he knew what she liked, he knew that she needed a little demon in her man. He cared for her so much, every particle of his being decreed his existence meant anything only for her.

And she would throw away everything he was offering.

The bitter truth cut him up like knives, that she didn't want him enough to try. To tell her friends to sod off and let her have what she needed rather than what they wanted of her.

He couldn't stand it. Yet every moment just kept coming inevitably one after the other, all just as bitterly painful as the one before.

He might be a vampire, but he had been willing to change so much, to remake himself in her image if it was what she wanted of him and she spurned it. Why couldn't she accept what he had offered?

It seemed like he would always be love's bitch. He had been so before he was sired, and he would always remain so for the rest of his undead days. The whole thing made him rage just as much as it filled him with an unending sorrow.

"She thinks she's so much better than me. I wish she knew what it was like, I wish she was a vampire."

"Done," a hoarse demonic voice purred next to him.

Oh shit.


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